Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confirmed: Bill Ayers Wrote Obama's "Dreams"

Jack Cashill at American Thinker just broke the story. Jack has been hypothesizing for the past year that Ayers was the ghost author for Obama's book. According to a new book by Christopher Anderson, Obama was way behind schedule and Michelle suggested he ask Ayers. Just a person in the neighborhood...

From Cashill's post:

Andersen quotes a Hyde Park neighbor, "Everyone knew they were friends and that they worked on various projects together. It was no secret. Why would it be? People liked them both."

Andersen continues, "In the end, Ayers's contribution to Barack's Dreams From My Father would be significant--so much so that the book's language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers's own writing."

See this video also, which absolutely confirms Ayers' authorship.

Barack Obama, the brilliant, talented writer and Bill Ayers, just a person in the neighborhood...

If the mass media picks this up, a big if, this news will be devastating. Spread the word.

Listen to Jim's Interview with Sandy Rios by Podcast

Sandy Rios is the most popular talk show host in the Chicago, IL area. She is a Fox News contributor and former president of Concerned Women for America, the largest women's group in the country. (Yes, bigger than NOW.)

Sandy had Jim back to discuss ACORN and the manufactured crisis strategy this past monday, September 21, 2009. Tune in by downloading the podcast for September 21 here. The segment with Jim starts at about the 40 minute mark and lasts about one hour.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jim to Host "Wright Side of the Aisle" Friday AM - with Guest, Larry Grathwohl

Jim Simpson will be stand-in host for Jason Wright on Toginet Radio's Wright Side of the Aisle tomorrow morning, Friday, September 18, from 11 am to 12 noon eastern time.

Jim's guest will be Larry Grathwohl, the only FBI undercover agent to penetrate Bill Ayers' Weather Underground. Larry has been interviewed on the O'Reilly Factor, Sean Hannity, and many others. He has testified before the U.S. Senate and wrote a book about his experiences, Bringing Down America.

In Larry's most chilling interview, which you can see here, he relates how in one meeting, Ayers and other Weathermen sat in a circle discussing how to murder 25 million Americans after their communist revolution succeeded.

A recent article has divulged new evidence regarding the Weather Underground's 1970s San Francisco Park Police Station bombing, which killed police officer Brian McDonnell and injured many others. We will be discussing the ramifications of this new information, which may directly implicate Obama friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the bombing.

Set aside time to listen and call in to speak with someone I consider one of the genuine American heroes of our time: Larry Grathwohl.

Toll-Free Call in Line: 1-877-864-4869.


Obama Associate Implicated in Murder Plot

Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird (for now)

Campaign for Justice for Victims of Weather Underground

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN, Key Promoter of Cloward Piven Strategy, on the Ropes

Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart deserve an award. Their four explosive videos should be enough to bring down this presidency. They won’t. But they will confront Democrats with two equally ugly choices:

1. To disavow ACORN, strip it of its funding, and possibly be forced to launch an investigation;

2. To continue shielding, supporting and defending ACORN in the face of these monstrous revelations

Right now, it looks as if they are going for option #1. Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted to strip funds for ACORN out of the federal budget. The amendment, added to the HUD and Transportation appropriations bill by Mike Johanns (R–NE) passed 83 – 7! In the House, Congressmen Darrell Issa (R - CA) and House Minority Leader John Boehner introduced similar legislation.

And it seems that even the liberal media has started to notice. A devastating satire by Jon Stewart titled "The Audacity of Hos" has, for once, gotten it exactly right. And he excoriates the media for missing the story while two "kids" got the scoop. This is really worth a watch.

Today, ACORN announced that it has halted acceptance of new business to investigate the activities revealed in the Breitbart videos. This will likely be little more than a whitewash. Those employees identified in the videos will lose their jobs. Indeed some already have. But the basic mission of ACORN will remain unchanged.

As we reported last September, and as Glenn Beck and others have reported since then, ACORN was created specifically to execute the Cloward Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis across our country. This series of videos demonstrates in microcosm how ACORN workers promote the strategy.

By agitating for mortgages that borrowers could never repay, ACORN and similar groups were primarily responsible for the conditions that led to our current financial crisis. This is not speculation or partisan blather, but a matter of historical fact, extensively documented in last September’s article and many, many others.

But there are other ways to gnaw at the fabric of our society. ACORN's daily activities are also devoted to corrupting and overloading our society with social ills of every description. The gameplan seems to be: if it is illegal and/or immoral, pile it on! These videos underscore just how low they will go.

We have witnessed ACORN offices in four different states advising O’Keefe and Giles how to violate a host of criminal statutes to promote a brothel using underage prostitutes. We have witnessed ACORN advising O’Keefe and Giles how to violate tax laws. It has also now been revealed that ACORN has been operating illegally in Maryland since 2006.

How could an organization be so willfully corrupt? Here’s the latest shocker: California ACORN worker describes on video how she murdered her husband!

Obviously ACORN deliberately seeks out people with criminal backgrounds, people on the margins of society, who can be discarded at a moment's notice with plausible deniability if their illegal activities are discovered. Indeed, this has been ACORN's grand excuse with every single instance of the massive vote registration fraud they have been caught at. But everywhere and always, the organizational goal of creating societal crisis is in evidence.

Now recognize that Barack Obama was an ACORN trainer. In fact, in this video prior to the election, he makes the unequivocal statement that ACORN will help shape President Obama’s agenda. So perhaps he did not specifically train field representatives to help people create underage prostitution rings, but he fully understands ACORN's mission and trained them in the Crisis Strategy. This is our president.

Earlier this summer Congressman Issa, who is also minority ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, commissioned a report on ACORN. Completely overlooked by Democrats and the mass media – no surprise there – this report chronicled ACORN’s legacy of criminal activity.

Appendix 2 of the report analyzes the viability of criminally prosecuting ACORN as a continuing criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced, Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) statutes. It concludes that ACORN does indeed qualify as a candidate for prosecution under these statutes. This law authorizes authorities to seize all the assets of any organization or individual deemed part of a RICO.

So here’s the recommendation: RICO ACORN, right now. Seize all their assets. Seize the assets of their many hundreds of subsidiaries. Seize the assets of Wade Rathke, his thief brother, and all the top executives. Let them squeal and squirm for a while, trying to figure out how they will support their lavish, parasite lifestyles without income, and then start asking the real questions.

This was how federal prosecutors obtained a conviction against Drexel Burnham Lambert Junk Bond magnate, Michael Milken, on much flimsier evidence. An in-depth investigation of ACORN assisted by the power of the RICO statutes, conducted by seasoned prosecutors untainted by Democrat Party or Obama administration connections, would likely produce evidence of rampant corruption both within the Obama administration as well as the Democrat Party at large. There has been a symbiotic relationship between ACORN and the left wing of the Democrat Party for decades at this point and a particularly close relationship between Obama and ACORN.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that the Eric Holder Justice Department will sabotage any investigation before it gets that far. Holder has already unilaterally halted prosecutions of Black Panther Party members charged with voter intimidation, has initiated investigations of CIA personnel who conducted – under orders from superiors – rendition interrogations on al Qaeda terrorists, and has called us a “nation of cowards,” overall, presenting himself to be the Van Jones of the Justice Department.

With his lies, insulting remarks to the American People, and his blatantly self-serving, corrupt and indescribably destructive policies, Obama’s administration has already demonstrated itself to be utterly devoid of integrity, so there is little doubt they will seek to hobble any investigation of ACORN. But if the relationship between Obama, the national Democrat Party and ACORN can be cemented in the public mind, and if ACORN and its subsidiaries are at least denied the billions provided for them in legislation passed by Obama and the Democrats, they may be prevented from stealing the 2010 elections, which is the Democrat game plan as it stands right now.

We have been to the town halls, we have had our big shindig in DC, now it’s time to go to work. Call your Congressman and tell him/her to defund ACORN by supporting Issa’s amendment and call for an independent investigation of the group’s criminal activities. It is critical that ACORN, this key component of the Cloward Piven Strategy be utterly destroyed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

America Spoke

Washington, DC. Saturday September 12, 2009. America spoke today. Real America. Not black America, not white America, not Hispanic or Asian America, not even conservative or liberal America. Real America. There were mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, newborn children and kids on the way up; there were many, many elderly and a lot of disabled folks, young and old, in wheelchairs. Many of these people had never been to a protest before in their lives. People were pleasant, polite and considerate. There was not a drunken eye in the house. The most unlikely bunch of domestic terrorists one could ever imagine. Contrast that with the Leftists’ “peace” movement in Seattle a few years back.

We are not liberals or conservatives. We are Americans. I am not a conservative, I distain that label. It was dreamt up by some leftist so people like me could be buttonholed and dismissed as, “oh, he’s just a conservative.” And as the media has fallen further into the Left’s maw, conservative has morphed into “rightwing” which has morphed into “radical rightwing nut” and inevitably, “fascist!” Of course Hitler was in fact a leftist, and allied with Stalin until he realized he had been duped. But the left glosses over that inconvenient truth, as they do with the truth generally.

I am an American. I believe in American values; that is, the principles and guiding documents on which this country was founded. Is it conservative to understand, appreciate and defend the United States Constitution? All public officials make a solemn pledge to uphold it. Are they all conservatives? Is it conservative to believe in the First Amendment? So are all journalists conservatives? These days, many “journalists” are actively trying to suppress any news that doesn’t fit their agenda. They are not trying to suppress “conservative” speech; they are not hypocritically trying to stifle “alternative” views. They are attempting to systematically shut out the truth.

In fact, there are no “conservatives” and “progressives,” there are Americans and un-Americans. There are no “traditional values” versus “progressive values,” there are those who have values and those who do not. There is not traditional morality and new morality; there is only morality and immorality. There is no “Right” and “Left,” there is only right and wrong!

And the Left, personified today by Barack Hussein Obama and his freak show fiefdom, is horribly, horribly wrong.

This rally resoundingly confirmed that America has woken up. Of course, before we even got there, we fully expected the mass media to play down the event. On the bus drive in, we agreed the media would put the attendance at “tens of thousands.”

Sure enough, practically every news outlet in the United States has reported “tens of thousands.” ABC, NBC, CBS and even Fox gave those figures; however the CBS headline only said “thousands.” Dan Rather’s ghost must still haunt the editorial rooms. Interestingly, The British Daily Mail newspaper reported “up to two million.”

Early on, someone erroneously reported that ABC had said “two million.” ABC later reported an estimate of 60,000-70,000. That quickly became the news of the hour, as the Leftist netroots sought to discredit the event by focusing on this mistake, even accusing Michelle Malkin of somehow posting a fake screenshot of the march. They later recanted, but continued to accuse her of inflating the attendance numbers, a charge easily disputed by just reading what she said.

Surprisingly, MSNBC’s Tom Costello disputed NBC’s own reported “tens of thousands” which they claim came from Park Police. (Since the “Million Man March,” which the National Park Service estimated at much less than one million, they no longer provide formal estimates.) Costello said that "Our own people (NBC's) say in the hundreds of thousands." Surprisingly His report was perhaps the most honest, straightforward report of anything I saw from the networks. See it here.

I think NBC got it right. Here is a series of time lapse photos of the march from 8:00 am to 11:30am. The crowd was constantly anywhere from 25 to 50 abreast. I know. I walked in the middle of it, along the sidewalks to move forward quicker, and around the entire circuit, up to and beyond Senate Park. At times, we were so crammed together, breathing became strained. Taking the low number, and assuming a line of 25 crossing a given point every second for three-and-a-half hours, gives you about 300,000. Whatever the actual number, it was certainly magnitudes greater than “tens of thousands.”

It was fun checking out all the signs. I took tons of pictures. The collage below is just a few of the many good ones I saw.

The chants were great too. As one blogger related:

Chants on the march included "Shut down ACORN!" and "Boot Charlie Rangel!" and "Don't tread on me." There was not a single "Hey Hey/Ho Ho" in evidence. Songs included "Glory Hallelujah" and "My Country 'Tis of Thee." The most moving chant might have been when we walked past the Newseum, with its ginormous carving of the First Amendment on the side, and the crowd spontaneously said "Read that wall! Read that wall!"
I was in the crowd that began shouting “Read that wall!” as we passed the Newseum. It was indeed ironic to see the First Amendment covering the entire front of that ten story building, and to consider how vicious, unprincipled and dishonest the MSM have been in their attempts to shut us up. I joined in the chorus with enthusiasm.

My two favorites though, were “You Lie!” and “Here we are!” the latter being Steve Elliot’s retort to Barack Obama’s insulting threat, “we will call you out,” which prompted a riotous uproar.

I only saw a few astroturfers at the entire event: one lonely, frightened looking ACORN girl trying desperately not to be noticed, and a singing troupe. This was obviously a professional gathering. The men were dressed in tuxedos and women in formal black dresses. They sang a well-rehearsed song about loving the evil Blue Cross/Blue Shield just as it was, and held perfectly printed signs, like “Our Death Panel Turns a Profit” and “Let them Eat Advil.”

The satire of course, was meant to convey that this is what the “status quo” gets you: bad, expensive coverage. It was a prime example of the Left’s typical non-sequitur argument: things are terrible now and you’re terrible for resisting change. The argument illogically never considers that "change" could make things worse. Newsflash: things can always get worse, and under Socialism, they always do.

Here's a great short video of march highlights. See a good Glenn Beck video about the march too, with added comments by Chuck Norris.

Meanwhile, Obama fled to Minnesota for the weekend, finding, not surprisingly, an adoring crowd to sit raptly at his feet while he expounded on the virtues of his health plan as counterpoint to the march. The White House laughingly denied having any prior knowledge of the march. As the Washington Examiner reported:

On Friday the White House claimed they had no idea the rally was even planned. A ridiculous assertion that shows how dismissive the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress are of those who oppose their agenda. It is impossible to believe that President Obama knew nothing of the event. The denial is a perfect example of why the President is losing the trust of many Americans. He stretches his credibility to its limits, and beyond.

All it all it was a great day for America. The sleeping giant has awoken again. We are on the march, literally. Now the work begins.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On the Eve of Obama's Speech to Congress...

I think it is instructive to remind people of exactly who it is we are dealing with here. Andrew Klavan wrote a devastating piece regarding Obama's August 19th call to Rabbis on his healthcare plan, where Obama was quoted as saying:

"We are God’s partners in matters of life and death."
Let that sink in for a minute...
"We are God’s partners in matters of life and death."
Klavan took issue with Obama's interpretation of his role vis-a-vis God. I quote:
In response to this statement I would like to make a subtle theological point: No, we’re not. For those of you who aren’t versed in the finer points of theology, let me try to simplify that for you: No. We’re not. Or to put it even more simply: No. We. Are. Not.
How could Obama say something like that? It still stuns me. Maybe the man really does think he's the Messiah. After all, Louis Farrakhan, another, er... man of God, believes him to be.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't take issue with "differently abled" people who imagine they are co-equal partners with God. I firmly believe they should be entitled to all the free healthcare they need: free room, board, and round-the-clock medications.

However, these people should be subject to some modest restraints as well. For example, they should be prohibited from purchasing a handgun. As a lifetime NRA member, I am with Brady on that one. Similarly they shouldn't be allowed to drive. They should be let off the grounds every now and then...

But under no circumstances should they be allowed to be President of the United States!

Who vetted this man? Who checked his background?

We did. Many of us.

More importantly, who listened?

Are you listening now?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What is Obama Up To?

Last night I read the draft of the speech Obama intends to deliver in a nationwide broadcast to our schoolchildren from Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA today, September 8, 2009. It is actually a good puff piece – a lot of stuff about personal responsibility, a lot of exhortations to be the best you can, fully develop your potential, etc., etc.

The speech starts by talking about how teachers, parents and government have a responsibility to provide a good education, however it turns on the following statement:
But at the end of the day, we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world – and none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities. Unless you show up to those schools; pay attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and other adults; and put in the hard work it takes to succeed.

And that’s what I want to focus on today: the responsibility each of you has for your education. I want to start with the responsibility you have to yourself.

Well, that is new. Up until now the dialog has been all about how the government can solve every problem and take care of your every need. The only people talking about personal responsibility are those evil, tea-party attending, town hall disrupting, domestic-terrorist, astroturfing shills for the morally bankrupt Republican Party. Shame on them!

But what is the point? This speech could be given by any speaker at a commencement ceremony, or for that matter, a good guidance counselor offering advice to a troubled student. So why bother?

Without knowing any better, after reading the speech – and I am sure after he delivers it in that rich, baritone voice – it is understandable how one would come away wondering how anyone could think ill of this guy. The speech was about as down-to-earth as they come. He comes off as a good guy, speaks well, and articulates the concerns we all have for our children. He relates to the problems he had as a child, living in a single-parent household, feeling like he didn’t quite fit in, etc, but returns to the theme of personal responsibility, describing how he overcame his problems to become what he is today. The speech elicits sympathy and offers platitudes we can all agree with.

And that is the point.

Barack Obama has been taking a beating, at least in the New Media, for his seemingly deliberate irresponsibility; his duplicity, his mindboggling, careless spending, his eye-popping appointments of the most radical lunatics this country has produced in a generation, his smug, conceited “we-know-better-than-you” attitude, his in-your-face lavish lifestyle coming on the heels of strident demands that upper income groups “pay their fair share,” (as though they don’t already,) his attempt to ram wholesale, deadly changes to healthcare down our throats, his and his surrogates vicious and disingenuous smearing of legitimately concerned and frightened Americans as “astroturfers,” “liars,” “paid Republican operatives,” and so on, ad infinitum.

Yesterday one of his choice picks, Van Jones, was forced to resign due to revelations about his radical past and present, his association with the 9-11 Truthers (who believe 9-11 was a deliberate government plot,) his admission of being a communist, and the incredibly stupid remarks he has made in public. Of course it wasn’t his fault. It was just another "vicious smear campaign against me." What was that about personal responsibility, Obama?

But most young people know little, if any of all this. Thanks to the MSM news blackout, all they know is what they get from a fawning media and popular culture. Obama is the coolest thing since sliced bread. He’s got it all figured. Join his crowd and you’ll go far. You’ll be cool too, unlike those mean Republicans.

Obama plans to grow a new civilian army in the not-too-distant future. He already has the “Kennedy Serve America Act,” passed into law while we weren’t looking, to provide the guidance and funding authority. But you can’t inspire a lot of kids to follow you into the abyss if you are perceived as a jerk or a loser. You certainly can’t inspire the confidence of the parents of those kids if you look like some kind of subversive, and everywhere around you communists are popping out from under the bed.

Millenials (people born between 1982 and 2003) are Obama’s future. Young techies built his internet campaign into what it is today: the largest online radical community organization in the world. He needs these people now and will need them more in the future.

Obama is losing ground with older Americans. We are onto him and are getting sick of his silk-tongued slop. Tea party rallies, town hall protests, and plummeting poll numbers have proven this beyond doubt.

So now he’s turning the charm campaign on our innocent, trusting and unsuspecting children.

If he can seduce enough of them, he doesn’t have to care what we older Americans think. All we do is get in the way. With the help of his youthful army he can sweep us into the dustbin of history. And the only way to recruit them is to be cool, while keeping us off balance long enough to solidify his power. And then, Zimbabwe, look out! You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!

And that is what he is up to.

So, in the interest of maintaining this new theme of personal responsibility, I will ask President Obama some pointed questions that perhaps he may finally be inclined to lead by example, and answer – questions he has been dodging since he first announced his intention to run for office.

Mr. President, in your speech you say: “I was fortunate. I got a lot of second chances and had the opportunity to go to college, and law school, and follow my dreams.”

Great! We have all been wanting to know for quite a while now, who gave you those second chances, Mr. President? How was it that you were accepted at the prestigious Columbia University after two years at Occidental College where, by your own admission, you got poor grades and spent your time doing drugs and chasing women? Who paid for Columbia? What were your grades there? What classes did you take? What was your major? What did you DO exactly? We don’t even know where you lived!

If your Columbia grades were so good, why not share them with the world? If not, then how on earth did you get into Harvard? Who paid for that? Was it Khalid al Mansoor?

Tell us more about that sweetheard deal on your house in Hyde Park that Tony Rezko arranged. Was there a quid-pro-quo? I guess the contracts he received after your election as state senator were just a coincidence? What other favors did he do? What about Michelle’s $300,000 per year, no-show job at the University of Chicago Hospital? What about ACORN, Ayers and Dohyrn? What about George Soros and his wealthy friends? What about bundling illegal campaign contributions from overseas and the phony domestic ones?

What about all that, Mr. President? How does that demonstrate responsibility??

You said “The story of America isn’t about people who quit when things got tough. It’s about people who kept going, who tried harder, who loved their country too much to do anything less than their best.”

Funny, I thought America was a country to be ashamed of. Oh that’s right, Michelle said that! And of course all that magically changed when you were elected, right? You say this is a country that takes more than its fair share of the world’s resources. Of course, we pay for those resources, and make the entire world a more prosperous place as a result. You say we are a country that needs to apologize for its bad behavior? Sir, the United States of America is the most generous nation on earth, perhaps in the history of man’s time on earth. Where have you been? Or maybe I should ask: who have you been talking to??

If you want children to take responsibility, you need to lead by example. Stop with the corruption. Stop the bait and switch. Stop lying. Stop with the rampant spending. Stop undermining our military and destroying our intelligence agencies. Stop mortgaging our future and wrecking the economy with your disastrous economic policies!

In short, quit trying to destroy this country Mr. President, and keep your hands off my children!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Wasn't Van Jones Properly Vetted?

A lot of finger pointing has been going on since Van Jones’ radical ideology was exposed. People ask how the Secret Service did not properly screen him in advance of his appointment. One might well ask why they give access to anyone in the Obama administration, including Obama himself.

But this betrays a misunderstanding of the Secret Service’s role. Federal law enforcement agencies are given specific tasks based on their enabling legislation. As far as national security is concerned, it is the Secret Service’s job to protect the President. Period. This was a task added to their original mandate, which was, and remains, to investigate counterfeiting and other financial crimes.

It is actually the FBI who is supposed to clear these high level people, and since 1992, when Bill Clinton obliterated that firewall, circumventing the vetting process with a procession of blatant security risk appointments, many of whom demonstrated their unfitness by subsequently violating U.S. laws, (like John Huang, for instance, very likely a communist Chinese agent from the get go) the FBI has been essentially toothless. Remember the book "Unlimited Access" by FBI agent Gary Aldrich?

For most non-appointment, Executive Office bureaucrats like I was, it is – or at least was – usually the Office of Personnel Management that conducts the investigations. These investigations were, and to my knowledge remain, pretty thorough.

Unless there has been some post 9-11 dramatic change of which I am unaware, the Secret Service only vets appointments. But they do check your SSN against all criminal databases and will deny access if they find something negative. They also investigate individuals who make threatening remarks about the President, especially if the President will be traveling to the area where the threat was issued.

The Secret Service’s job is to protect their master, and while they very likely notice that this President surrounds himself with blatant security risks, it is not their job to protect the country from communists, traitors, terrorists or anyone else the President appoints - unless it threatens him. They wouldn't touch an Obama appointment, no matter how odious. It’s above their pay grade. That extends to all of Obama's cronies.

They are also acutely aware of how their reactions play in Congress. They know the game and play it well and like most federal bureaucracies, would lick the boots of Congressional Democrat appropriators if they thought it would get them a bigger budget – national security be damned. However they don't have to.

Their usual tactic is to remind everyone, in a not-so-subtle unionesque "non-threatening" manner that if they don't get all the resources they need, they may not be able to, er..., "adequately" protect the President. They say this in budget hearings. I have heard them. And while they have a valid point, one really gets the feeling this is a pro-forma remark, intended to rationalize budgeting for everything up to and including the kitchen sink.

As an afterthought, I once attended a meeting where Secret Service agents bragged to us that they actually helped in thawing relations with the Soviets that lead to the end of the Cold War. "How?" I queried. "By sharing with their KGB counterparts their methods for protecting our President," they responded. Stunned into silence, I saw no point in observing that the ruthlessly efficient KGB, sword and shield of our sworn enemy for a century, had never lost a single protectee in their history, unless of course they had dispatched him themselves.

So if you are wondering how this guy got past our internal security firewalls, stop wondering. There are no firewalls. If there were, few if any, of Obama’s appointees could gain access to the White House at any time, let alone to work there every day. As with most of these issues, we can primarily blame the national-security-risk Democrat Party (who Ann Coulter aptly calls the (Treason Party”) in Washington and to a lesser extent, the pusillanimous Republicans who have let them systematically undermine our national security for the past 40 plus years.

And the Democrats want us to let Washington bureaucrats make life-or-death decisions regarding our healthcare? I would sooner volunteer to be shot by firing squad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CIA Counterterrorism Expert: Obama and Holder 'At War' with Agency

This is an article every American should read. Period. Don't wait on Obama and Holder to listen however. As should be getting clearer and clearer, this administration is at war with America.

Jim Simpson

Reprinted with permission

By Kent Clizbe

In the early days and weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a small cadre of men (and a few women) with vast amounts of intelligence experience reported to the Langley, Va., headquarters of the CIA. These unsung heroes then were dispatched across the globe to run operations against the al-Qaida conspirators who leveled the World Trade Center and struck the nerve center of the U.S. military.

The FBI, a domestic law enforcement agency, did not have the ability or skills needed to track down and strike the attackers overseas. The Pentagon, with F22s, nuclear aircraft carriers, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and battalions of the best armor in the history of mankind, was like an elephant attacked by a mouse — mighty, but helpless in its mammoth rage.

Our best hope was in the hands of the gray-bearded intelligence professionals who fanned out across the world. Supplementing the skeleton crew of staff officers left in the wake of President Clinton's anti-intelligence scourging of the CIA, the volunteers went to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, to the most remote and isolated outposts in the world. Sometimes they worked with friendly forces, and sometimes they worked alone. They focused like a laser beam on one thing: Stop the next attack.

Their mission: Seek and destroy the terrorist planners, facilitators, trainers, financiers, and their infrastructure wherever they were.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, CIA officers, both the contractors and the overextended staff officers, launched dozens of initiatives. The CIA Counterterrorism Center’s motto, “Deny, Disrupt, Destroy,” became the reason for our living. We left our families for months on end and sacrificed personal and professional lives to fight the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Google “Jihadists in Paradise,” for an unauthorized account of one of my contributions (I have been advised that I can neither confirm nor deny).

As I did my part in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, my family tried to maintain a semblance of normalcy at home. My son was in eighth grade in September 2001. I did not see him graduate the next summer. I was home less than six months for each of the first three of his high school years.

Even with my nightly phone calls, his attitude and grades plummeted in my absence. He went from a happy, engaged, charming 13-year-old with straight A’s and a focus on the future to a sullen, uncommunicative, high school flunky. I put my successful and lucrative executive recruiting business on hold for eight years. Finally, after five years of constant travel, my family sacrifice account was overdrawn. Coming home was an option for me, and I took it.

Others did not take that option, and they sacrificed the quality of their marriages, participation in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives, the profitability of their businesses, and more. Personal and professional issues festered and rotted while they fought to keep America safe and prevented further attacks on our homeland.

In contrast, where was Eric Holder? Before leaving President Clinton’s employ, he orchestrated the pardons of several Puerto Rican separatist terrorists. Then in 2003, as a partner in the Washington law firm of Covington & Burling, Holder’s client, Chiquita Brands, admitted paying to support terrorist death squads in Colombia and paid a $25 million fine. During the time my friends worked to disrupt and destroy terrorist networks threatening America, Holder’s firm represented — for free — 16 terrorist detainees at Guantanamo.

Has he made any personal or professional sacrifices since his country was attacked in 2001? If he has, it is difficult to find them. When the special prosecutor comes calling, maybe someone from Covington & Burling can represent my colleagues for free, like they did for Lakhdar Boumedienne and 10 other terrorists in Gitmo.

The Holder/Obama Global War on the CIA (GWCIA) has only just begun, as it debuted with “grisly revelations” of revving drills, gunshots in the next cell, and threats against a terrorist’s children. The GWOT is not for the faint of heart, nor the queasy. No war ever has been. There may be slight improprieties stashed in the CIA’s closets, but the liberal-appeasing GWCIA is foolhardy and dangerous.

Mike Spann, was the first to die in the GWOT. He won’t have to worry about the Holder/Obama GWCIA. But others in the agency are very worried. While we sacrificed to achieve incremental victories, Holder and Obama plotted and schemed — not against those “evil-mongers” who killed our countrymen, but against those of us hunting the terrorists. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The odor is not from Langley, Mr. Holder.

Kent Clizbe is a former member of the CIA's Directorate of Operations. In 2001, in the aftermath of Sept. 11, he returned to the CIA to serve multiple counter-terrorism deployments. In 2005, he was awarded the Intelligence Community Seal Medallion for his anti-terrorism work.

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